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Illinois Wildlife Action Plan

Illinois is home to diverse flora and fauna, including many threatened and endangered species. The diversity of habitats and wildlife in Illinois is one of the state's greatest attributes. The IDNR strives to protect, restore, manage, and promote native wildlife and habitats for the people of Illinois.

The Illinois Wildlife Action Plan (IWAP) is comprised of two documents: The Illinois Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan and Strategy and The IWAP Implementation guide. These documents are designed to maintain and improve conditions of Species in Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). The IWAP is organized into seven Campaigns: Farmland and Prairie, Forest and Woodland, stream, wetlands (habitat-based) Green Cities, Lake Michigan and Coastal Area (geographically-based), and invasive species (threats-based). Each campaign has its own unique plan for management and conservation of wildlife and their habitats in Illinois.

Within each of the Campaigns, the IWAP coordinates management and conservation efforts across the state, identifying emerging impacts on wildlife and their habitat. Programs and projects lead by IDNR staff and partners include habitat assessment and management, assessment and management of SGCN, conservation coordination and planning, and habitat protection. Each Campaign has a Team of IDNR staff and Partners that work to identify, and address research gaps, conducts conservation status reviews of the SGCN, monitors progress and impact, re-evaluates needs and priorities, and revises the IWAP as needed. 

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