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Landowner Actions

It can be enjoyable to have wildlife on your property, but it can also be a nuisance to landowners. In some cases, wildlife may be orphaned or injured, and it can be difficult to know how to properly deal with those situations. The IL DNR and the University of Illinois Extension have collaborated to create a website called "Living with Wildlife in Illinois" to help those struggling with wildlife issues on their land. This resource provides information on:

  • Identifying an animal
  • Permits
  • How to prevent wildlife-related problems
  • How to solve a current problem
  • What to do if the animal needs to be removed
  • How to deal with an orphaned or injured animal
  • Reporting unusual wildlife sightings

Please refer to the following website if you are having issues with wildlife on your property.

Want to learn more about incorporating wildlife habitat on your property? In collaboration with Lewis & Clark College, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has compiled information on "wildlife friendly development" at the link below:

CICADA (Conservation Inclusive Construction and Development Archive)