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Natural Areas Stewardship Grants

The Illinois Natural Areas Stewardship Grant Program's purpose is to:

  1. Increase stewardship on dedicated Illinois Nature Preserves and registered Land and Water Reserves through grants to Conservation Land Trusts
  2. Increase stewardship capacity within Conservation Land Trusts

Funding for this grant program is derived from the Illinois Natural Areas Acquisition Fund (NAAF) and must be used by the Department of Natural Resources for the acquisition, protection, and stewardship of natural areas, including habitats for endangered and threatened species (Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Act, 525 ILCS 35/14). Stewardship actions funded by this grant program must be included in the management schedules approved by the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission and may include equipment and materials to complete stewardship projects such as tools, safety items, herbicide, construction materials, employee salary, and indirect costs.

For more information, including how and when to apply, visit the Natural Areas Stewardship Grant page on the main IDNR site!