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Report Endangered and Threatened Species

The Illinois Natural Heritage Database Program needs your help to keep our database current. We track all endangered and threatened species (E&T species) within the state of Illinois. We welcome and encourage you to report your observations of listed species. For birds, we only track observations with evidence of breeding (nests, eggs, young, adults bringing food to the nest, etc.).

Please submit as much of the information below as possible.

  • Observer name, phone number, email
  • Observer qualifications
  • Species observed (scientific or common name)
  • Observation details (What did you observe? Number of males, females, and juvenile animals; number of fruiting, flowering, seedling plants; evidence of breeding, etc.)
  • Extent of observation (Is the entire extent of occurrence known?)
  • County
  • Latitude & longitude (or submit a map)
  • Directions from nearest landmark
  • Township, range, section information
  • Site name
  • Description of habitat
  • Specimen/voucher number & where deposited (only for those with permits)
  • Additional comments
  • Photos

Ways to Submit Endangered and Threatened Species Observations