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Endangered and Threatened Species

Endangered Species Program Mission

The mission of the Division's Endangered and Threatened Species Program is to protect and enhance populations of Illinois' endangered and threatened species and the habitats on which those species depend using science-based management methods, well-defined research, and public education, all of which constitute a Department approved Recovery Plan/Conservation Strategy. 

Program staff works hand-in-hand with IDNR field biologists and a wide variety of statewide conservation partners to actively promote the intrinsic value of biological diversity at genetic, species, community, and landscape levels by conducting status and distribution assessments of the greater than 400 species of plants and animals classified as endangered or threatened in Illinois. Staff also oversee the issuance of endangered species possession and research permits throughout Illinois. In addition, the Endangered Species Program oversees the process for Incidental Take of endangered and threatened species.

Access our online E&T reporting tool to map report your observations to DNR!